When you totally agree with someone? (2024)

When you totally agree with someone?

"I'm in total agreement with you." "I'm with you on that." "I see things exactly the same way." "I feel the same way."

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What do you say when you totally agree with someone?

I totally agree! I couldn't agree more! I see exactly what you mean! You're right.

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How do you respond when you agree with someone?

“I agree” and “I think so, too” are the most basic ways to agree with someone. If you want to emphasize how much you think someone's right, you can say, “I totally agree.” “That's true” and “that's a good point” also show agreement.

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How do you say you strongly agree with something?

You're absolutely right. Absolutely. That's exactly how I feel. Exactly.

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What do you say when you agree with someone's opinion?

Yes, I agree (with that). Yes, absolutely. Yes, that might be right. That's absolutely right.

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What is a better way to say agree?

agree (verb as in be in unison, assent with another) Strongest matches. acknowledge admit allow comply concede concur grant recognize set settle sign. Strong matches. accede acquiesce check consent engage okay permit subscribe.

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What does totally agreed mean?

"I totally agree" and "I completely agree" both mean the same thing. They mean that you are in agreement with someone to the maximum degree you can be, so nothing else needs to convince you any further. "I completely agree" is generally more acceptable in formal writing.

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What are the 3 ways to respond?

There are a great many ways to respond to others' ideas, but this chapter concentrates on the three most common and recognizable ways: agreeing, disagreeing, or some combination of both.

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What is it when you agree with someone?

1. Agree, consent, accede, assent, concur all suggest complying with the idea, sentiment, or action of someone. Agree, the general term, suggests compliance in response to any degree of persuasion or opposition: to agree to go; to agree to a meeting, to a wish, request, demand, ultimatum.

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What is the idiom for I agree with you?

'See eye to eye' – this means agreeing with someone.

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How to answer strongly agree and strongly disagree questions?

Answer honestly

For example, you may be asked to rate how strongly you agree with a particular statement, on a scale of one to five, with five being "strongly agree" and one being "strongly disagree." Since you can't change who you are, give the answers that reflect how you really feel.

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What does absolutely agree mean?

The phrase "I absolutely agree" is correct and usable in written English. You can use it to express agreement with a statement, opinion, or point of view. For example: "I think the new policy is a good idea." "I absolutely agree, it will be very beneficial.".

When you totally agree with someone? (2024)
How do you use strongly agree in a sentence?

"I strongly agree that judicial review is crucial," she said. And, I have to say, I strongly agree with them. I strongly agree with your insistence that electronic health records should be more widely used. Looking through reproductions of the drawings, I strongly agree that they are, as it says, "spiritless".

How do you accept an opinion?

Be curious about opposing views. Ask people why they hold those opinions and listen to them patiently. You may not agree with everything they say, but active listening will help you understand the ground of their views, which will make it easier to counter their arguments. You don't always need to prove yourself right.

When two people agree on something?

/əˈgrimənt/ An agreement is made when two parties agree to something. So, for example, a mother might make an agreement with her son not to kiss him in public because, after kindergarten, well, that's just not cool. If people's opinions are in accord, or match one another, then they are in agreement.

How do you use agree in a sentence?

He agreed to accept their proposal. She reluctantly agreed to be interviewed. He readily agreed to do what they wanted him to do. They agreed not to oppose her nomination.

What is a word for everyone agreed?

“a unanimous decision” synonyms: consentaneous, consentient accordant. being in agreement or harmony; often followed by `with'

What is the difference between agree and totally agree?

Formality. I am in total agreement with him is a much more formal way of expressing this thought. However, if you say, I totally agree with him, you are saying it in a less formal way. Truly the choice is yours in deciding what “register” you wish to use.

What does totally complete mean?

having every necessary part or element; entire. ended; finished.

Can I just say agreed?

“I agree” is the accepted form. When more than one person is involved, we can say “We/you/they are agreed.” However, this sounds much more formal and old-fashioned and is falling out of use in favor of the simple verb “agree.” “You are all agreed on this.” “You all agree on this.”

What are the 4 type of responses?

Fight, flight, freeze, fawn: the four types of trauma response. Healthy stress responses aren't inherently negative; they can help you stand up for yourself in the short term. However, while trauma is a major cause of internal upheaval, it may be taken to an unhealthy and wearing extent.

How are you the best response?

Good: “Good” is the most common answer to the question “How are you?” It is polite and cheerful. Well or very well: This answer is the most grammatically correct since the question "How are you?” should technically be answered with an adverb.

What is the best way to response?

If you're responding to a message from another person, get them engaged within the conversation and give them a true response that is at least a sentence or 2 long. Sometimes, it's perfectly acceptable to respond with “o*k” if it makes sense in the context. But avoid the “K” reply, which can feel terse and rude.

What is strongly agree and agree?

While interpretation of a category may vary among respondents (e.g., one person's “agree” is another's “strongly agree”), all respondents should nevertheless understand that “strongly agree” is a more positive opinion than “agree.” One important consideration in the design of questionnaires is the use of reverse ...

What is the totally agree to totally disagree scale?

A Likert scale assumes that the strength/intensity of an attitude is linear, i.e., on a continuum from strongly agree to strongly disagree, and makes the assumption that attitudes can be measured.

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