Report: California’s grocery prices are higher than anywhere else in the country (2024)

The average weekly grocery spending in the Golden State is $297.72, according to HelpAdvisor.|

California has the highest grocery prices in the United States, according to a new report by HelpAdvisor.

HelpAdvisor, a website focusing on health and finance, came to the conclusion after looking at the most recent U.S. Census Household Pulse Survey data.

The analysis found that, on average, U.S. households spend $270.21 per week on groceries, or about $1,080 every month. In the Golden State, however, the average weekly grocery spending is $297.72. That’s nearly $30 more than the national average.

Similarly high states include Nevada (No. 2) at $294.76, Mississippi (No. 3) at $290.64, Washington (No. 4) at $287.67 and Florida (No. 5) at $287.27.

The state that spends the least on groceries is Wisconsin (No. 49) at $221.46 per week, nearly $50 less than the national average. Other states with lower grocery bills include Iowa (No. 48) at $227.32, Nebraska (No. 47) at $235.12, Michigan (No. 46) at $236.38 and Indiana (No. 45) at $239.11.

The report also found that children contribute greatly to how much a household spends at the supermarket. Households with children spend an average of $331.94 per week on groceries, 41% more than households without children.

The number of people living in the home also impacts how much a household will spend on groceries. According to HelpAdvisor’s analysis, a four-person household spends on average of $315.22 every week on groceries.

The analysis also looked at grocery prices in the 14 largest metro areas in the United States. Three of the metro areas were in California, and all three were even more expensive than the state’s average.

Households in Riverside (No. 3) spend $300.50 on groceries on average a week, while those in San Francisco (No. 4) spend $298.44 a week. In Los Angeles (No. 5), households spend on average $295.33 a week.

The only metro areas more expensive were Houston (No. 2) at $302.65 on average a week and Miami (No. 1) at $327.89 on average a week.

Of the 14 metro areas on the list, the ones with the least expensive grocery bills include Detroit (No. 14) at $247.95 per week and Phoenix (No. 13) at $260.27 per week.

For the full analysis, which does not include Alaska or Hawaii, go to

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Report: California’s grocery prices are higher than anywhere else in the country (2024)


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